A look back at March 2010

This week we are going to look back at how this ministry began. These next few blogs will be taken directly from Louis Chalmers’ emails from his first trip to Haiti shortly after the earthquake happened in March of 2010. Here is his story in his words just copied and pasted (and only edited slightly for this blog). May it inspire you to give, go and pray with us for our team’s return journey December 26th 2013 to build the walls of the new orphanage in Onaville, Haiti. Bondye Bon Toutan! Bondye beni ou! ~Olivia

 March 6th 2010

Our group of 15 volunteers left Atlanta this morning at 6:00 am for Haiti. We are from many churches across the Atlanta area and a couple of guys from Quebec.

We landed in Port Au Prince around noon. The rubble and earthquake devastation are apparent from the air as you land. Crowds mingle at the airport hoping to assist some tourist and or volunteers with their luggage.

Riding through the city you pass demolished buildings, tent cities, curb side vendors, and people milling about.

As we drove across the city, I asked Pierre , our 21 year old guide to tell me his earthquake story.

Pierre talked of being outside with friends and feeling the earth shift like a roller coaster, whole neighborhoods collapsing, and friends loosing entire families as buildings collapsed.

Pierre spoke of a quiet faith that he believes God is still in control in the midst of this disaster. Pierre has told his friends that God spared their lives for a purpose- Piece’s vision is a chance  for Haiti to be reborn.

We met our host today, Pastor Olistin, and are camping on the top of his home’s flat roof.  We ate dinner with him tonight and were blessed as our hosts led us in choruses  of praise and worship.

Tomorrow we worship with the pastor at his tent church and tour the city.  Monday morning we will join the rebuilding of their church and should visit their  school/ orphanage home to 100 children.

I am amazed by the Haitian’s who are a gracious people of faith and can smile beautiful smiles and sing praises to their Heavenly Father irregardless of their circumstances.

Pray that we will remember that this trip is about the people and their stories. About the chance to share God’s love in tangible ways that people may be encouraged to cling to hope & joy. ~Louis Chalmers