A Look Back at 2010

March 12, 2010

We returned to Pastor Olistin’s church yesterday to continue construction of the stone wall foundations. Extreme heat and tiredness slowed the pace but comradere and the knowledge that 100 children need the renovation to be completed for their orphanage/school to reopen in April spurred our group to finish strong and complete our tasks.

Last evening Pastor Olistin shared his heart of appreciation for our efforts and the need for God’s people to come to the aid of Haiti. He shared that he has been asked to take in additional children and is seeking God’s provision to meet the needs of his people.

Last night we talked about why we came to Haiti and what we remembered. I remember crowded streets & markets, tent cities everywhere, beautiful roof top sunrises and sunsets, odor of diesel fuel and raw sewage, hot sweaty tropical weather, bright smiles, beautiful Creole praise & worship,  and a gracious faithful people full of thankfulness and hope.

As we leave Haiti today I share hope for the future as God’s people to continue to come and support the church leaders of Haiti. God will get the glory from a shaken Haiti as His people unite to minister in His Love and Compassion.

Thank you for your prayer & financial support of our trip. I look forward to the opportunity to return to rebuild Haiti shoulder to shoulder with our Haitian brothers and sisters.

I pray you will catch the vision of the unique opportunity for God’s people to help rebuild and nation and bless people in his name. Come and join the joy! ~Louis Chalmers

Haitian Sunrise

                   Haitian Sunrise