Nancy, Tony, and I had the joy of celebrating the Onaville Church Family 3rd anniversary and the 1st year of the children’s home & school in spite of Hurricane Matthew. Pray for Pastor Olistin as he continues to provide food and shelter to the 3500 church family members who lost everything in the storm and 10 churches damaged or destroyed. Pastor Olistin has shared that replacing the church roofs will cost $5000 each.

Dr Mark & I returned last week from a short medical ministry visit. Dr Mark spent 2 days with Dr Theodore at his Hospital in PAP. Dr Theodore is preparing a cost estimate to bring his staff to conduct a 3 day clinic in Onaville along with our team members doctors and nurses. Dr Theodore is passionate about providing medical care to this community at a medical clinic to be constructed and operated as a non-profit clinic. Pray that God will open hearts to pledge/donate the $50k construction cost and $3-5k monthly operating costs.

Attached is a copy of our Winter Break Trip Application for your use and distribution to candidate team members. Just think, in 3 1/2 months we’ll return to Onaville to minister to our children, Church family, and community.

Our trip information meeting is this Sunday 12:30 pm in the Wildwood Baptist Church Conference room. Hope you can join us and be prepared to share a 5 minute story of your ministry story. Invite others to join us for this first meeting. It will be important for all team members to attend all 3 team meetings in December, January, and February to prepare for team Helping Without Hurting.

Bondye Bon Toutan!

Louis A Chalmers Jr, PE
President Help4Haiti, Inc
PO Box 593
Kennesaw, GA 30156


Help 4 Haiti, INC. Ministry Trip – February 18-25, 2017
Onaville Children’s and Community Ministry
New Covenant Missions of Haiti

Ministry Opportunity
• Pastor Estecoeur Olistin, Senior Pastor of New Covenant Baptist Church –
• 16 congregations in Port-Au- Prince area serving 3000 adults + 2500 children
• Onaville Church & Orphanage serving 150 children in New Suburban Community

Ministry Plan:
• Ministry of encouragement/hope to orphans, Church family & community
• Children’s Bible School and recreation ministry
• Medical & Dental Clinic Ministry
• Community Outreach – Watts of Love – solar light distribution
• $35/mo Sponsorships to feed 150 orphans
• Donations to dig well ($8K) and install solar power regulator $8K)

Trip Ministry Needs
• Bible school/music/recreation ministry – need Leader, materials , & volunteers
• Medical/Dental Clinic Ministry –DR Mark Salisbury team leader- need doctors, dentist, nurse,
& dental hygienist?
• Community Outreach Leader
• Evening Revival Services – sharing hope through music & God’s word – Leader & volunteers

Trip Logistics-
• $1600 Trip cost – airfare $600, local transportation $200, food/lodging $300, Outreach & Admin $500
• Submit application + $400 deposit at November 13, 2016 Kickoff mtg.
• Submit $400 trip deposits at team meetings December11, 2016 & January 15, 2017 mtgs.
Final $400 deposit due February 12, 2017 mtg.
• Make all checks payable to Help4Haiti, INC – Winter 2017 Ministry Trip
• Need current passport (Trip dates + 6 months) + Travel shots/meds for travel to Haiti
• Keep passport + copy of DL+ shots records on person @ all times+ $200 travel cash
• Pack 3 changes clothing 1 carry on/back pack + 1 checked bag (includes camping gear)
• Modest comfortable attire- knee length walking shorts/ Capri or long slacks
• 3rd world conditions – limited water/showers/bath facilities
• Personal hygiene+ sunscreen/insect repellant + protein/snack bars+ drink flavor packs
• Avg Temps 78-88 F w/ 61% humidity – 30% chance of rain
• US Embassy Haiti – Ph 509-229-8942
• Pastor Olistin ph 509-37-11-4903 : Impass Thomas O. Louis Now 1, Croix Des Bouquets, Haiti
• Trip Leader Louis Chalmers – Ph 404-861-3959

Help 4 Haiti
Ministry Trip Winter 2017
Volunteer Registration Form

Name ___________________________________________________________

Date of Birth_____________________​Male/Female (circle)

Address __________________________________________________________

Home Phone _______________ Cell Phone __________________

Person to notify in case of emergency:

Name ___________________________________ Relationship ______________

Phone __________________________ email ________________________________

Allergies ______________________________________________________________

Medical condition/Medications ___________________________________________________________

Release & Indemnity Agreement

I do hereby represent and acknowledge I am entering a missionary venture with others: as a volunteer I am paying my own expenses, including insurance, for the purpose of helping others in times of disaster for the glory of God and to demonstrate my faith in Christ, that the work may at times be hazardous and somewhat arduous and will be performed by concerned volunteers : that the vehicles transporting these volunteers will be operated by volunteers, whom may or may not be professional drivers.

I recognize and acknowledge potential accidents in travel and in the disaster site, involving motor vehicles, in or about the living, sleeping and eating areas, or during activities of the disaster relief team: am fully aware of possible injuries to members of the disaster relief team, including myself.

Therefore, I desire to protect, release, acquit, indemnify, and hold harmless from any and all claims, injuries, damages, losses, expenses or attorney fees incurred by me, my heirs, administrators, executors or assigns.

For and on behalf of myself, my heirs, administrators, executors, assigns and all other persons, firms or corporations, I do hereby release and discharge from liability all other persons on the disaster relief team with me, those who notified, selected or assigned me to the said team, Help4Haiti, Inc and all employees, representatives, successors or assigns, from any claims, demands, damages, actions, causes of actions which I, the undersigned , have or may hereafter, and on account of, or any way growing out of injuries, or damages both to persons or property resulting or that may hereafter result from this voluntary venture.

This wavier, release, and indemnity agreement is fully understood by me and I enter the same willingly for the purpose herein above stated.

Volunteer Printed Name: _______________________________________________________

Volunteer/Guardian Signature: _________________________________________________________

Witnessed, my hand on this the ____ day of _____________________, 20____

Witness Printed Name; _________________________________________________________

Witness Signature: ____________________________________________________________

Help4Haiti, Inc. P O Box 593 Kennesaw, GA 30156 Ph. 770.575.1745