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A heart 4 the children of Haiti.

Living in abject poverty, facing devastating natural disasters, and experiencing the oppression of ongoing political turmoil, the people of Haiti are well acquainted with suffering. Especially the children. Without intervention, these little ones are destined to join the 80% of this troubled island’s population who are illiterate and unemployed.

Today, even the land is in distress. Due to charcoal being the primary source for cooking fuel, over-harvesting of Haiti’s finite number of trees for charcoal production is causing massive deforestation. As a result, thousands of acres of precious top soil is being washed away at an alarming rate. Without a solution, this harmful erosion will continue to deplete the productivity of the land, a valuable resource on which the people of Haiti depend.

There is a solution. For out of this very land groaning in despair, comes hope!

Through an inspired partnership between Help4Haiti, New Covenant Missions, the Haitian communities of Onaville and Cabaret, and BonZeb Farms, comes a sustainable solution to revitalize the land and provide real opportunities for productivity and progress for the people. And more importantly, a brighter future for the children of Haiti.

It all starts with a blade of grass. Actually Elephant grass, which is grown as a cane, harvested, and roasted into charcoal through BonZeb Farm technology. This charcoal is an environmental friendly alternative to the tree-based charcoal now depleting the forests of Haiti. Not only will this revolutionary process revive the land, it will revive lives as well.

A 50-acre BonZeb farm will create approximately 150 jobs and support the well-being of the surrounding area. This grass to charcoal to community supply chain involves acquisition of land, construction of a processing facility, recruitment of management personnel and hiring of farm workers. Plus, a functioning farm will generate much needed financial resources for infrastructure vital to the quality of life in a community, such as schools and medical clinics.

The good news is the revival of lives and land is already underway. 160 acres has been donated for the establishment of a BonZeb farm in Cabaret. This is where Help4Haiti, Pastor Estecoeur Olistin and New Covenant Missions come in.

They are no stranger to the people’s plight. These ministries, bound by a heart for the children of Haiti, partnered in the opening of the Onaville Orphanage in 2015. Today, orphaned children are receiving the clean water, food, clothing, shelter, education, and the spiritual direction they need. The establishment of this initial BonZeb farm means the vision to expand the Orphanage, including the services they provide and the number of children they care for, is one step closer to reality.

This sustainable solution for the suffering people of Haiti needs one more thing to grow – seed planters. That’s you. Please prayerfully consider supporting the Help4Haiti mission to provide hope for the children, opportunity for the people, and renewal for the land. Your prayers and financial contributions are needed now more than ever.

We are on the verge of witnessing something truly amazing in Haiti. Help us make it happen. Help us provide Help4Haiti.