A look back at 2010

March 7 2010

The day began with a beautiful sunrise over our roof top encampment.

We left for worship at 6:30 after breakfast of spaghetti with sausage. The alleys and roadways were crowded with traffic and Haitians dressed in their Sunday best on their way to worship.

I am amazed by the smiles, joy, and thankful hearts of these people who have suffered & lost so much.  Their hearty praise and worship would shame most churches and would only be rivaled by churches on the other side of the tracks.

Their men’s group, dressed in bright white shirts and matching ties, performed a choreographed song celebrating God’s deliverance of Moses and his people from Egypt that would rival those tempting Temptations.

I have heard for weeks of the joyful singing of the Haitian people and now have been blessed to worship with them twice and hear those blended voices sing words I do not understand but stir my heart because they praise our Heavenly Father.

Lunch back at the Pastor Olistin’s home was fried chicken, Rice and beans, and their red potato salad made with beets.

We spent the afternoon visiting our teammates who have now grown to 30. It is encouraging to hear each team members story of the love of God calling them to come and serve the Haitians. Several ladies nurtured that island attitude by having their hair braided by the pastor’s daughters.

We worshiped again with our Haitian congregation and were once again challenged by the joyful singing and smiles of our brothers and sisters. Pray for their continued courage, hope, and joy as they are salt and light in this desperate country.

Tomorrow we join the rebuilding of a local church. We will be working beside Haitian contract laborers mixing/pouring concrete foundations and laying concrete block.

Pray for our strength and safety and that we will be messengers of God’s Love by our deeds and words.

~Louis Chalmers

Mirta, Karen and Belinda new friends in Haiti.

Mirta, Karen and Belinda new friends in Haiti.